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Dental malpractice expert witness Roy Daniels, DDS provides expert opinions for both defense and plaintiffs in dental personal injury and dental malpractice cases. He has testified on a wide range of dental standard of care issues such as : complex restorative treatment, failed dental implants, root canals, failure to diagnose, cosmetic dental treatment, oral surgery nerve injuries, crowns, filling and dentures.

Dr. Roy Daniels practices general dentistry full time in Sedona, Arizona. He is a member of the American Dental Association and is a Past President of the Arizona Dental Association and the Northern Arizona Dental Society. He has served as a delegate to both the ADA and AzDA House of Delegates. He is licensed to practice dentistry in Arizona and California.

Dr. Daniels actively served on the board of directors for Delta Dental of Arizona for eight years and was the secretary of the company for six of those years. During his tenure on the board, the company grew from 65 million dollars per year to over 150 million dollars per year in annual business.

In 2005 Dr. Daniels was appointed by Governor Janet Napolitano to serve as a member of the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners- the agency that regulates dental professionals in Arizona. This experience gives Dr. Daniels a good knowledge of the dental standard of care expected from general dentists.

Dr. Daniels was an examiner for the Western Regional Examining Board (WREB), a nationally recognized dental examining boards for dentists and dental hygienists in the United States.

Dental malpractice expert witness Dr. Daniels current service offerings include: dental malpractice expert witness services for both dental malpractice defense and plaintiff,  independent dental examinations, independent dental expert review of records, peer reviews, dental record reviews, utilization reviews, radiology reviews, dental bill reviews, dental malpractice Arizona, AZ dental malpractice standards, dental cost estimates and related special services including litigation support services, and dental record analysis services. Dr. Daniels has served as an expert to attorneys in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Florida. Dr. Daniels is willing to travel as needed.

If you are a defense attorney looking for a dental malpractice expert witness, or a plaintiff attorney looking for a general dentist as an expert witness, call me for a complimentary consultation regarding your case.
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