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Dental expert witness and independent dental examiner Dr. Daniels has made himself available to defense or plaintiff attorneys as a dental expert witness; in addition to serving his patients at his private practice. Independent dental review and evaluations, report writing, dental consultation, depositions and testimony are provided in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. Concise, objective and understandable explanations of dental terminology and treatment protocols are provided. Dr. Daniels is an expert witness, case planner and evaluator to the legal profession, particularly in regard to dental negligence and professional liability matters. He offers dental expert witness advice on case viability and strategic planning for depositions and trial. He is licensed to practice in Arizona and California. Dr. Daniels has worked with attorneys both experienced and inexperienced in dental matters and has helped to guide and strategize their approach. His services include medical record review for issues of causation and standard of care as an independent dental examiner.

Dr. Daniels is committed to being the best and most accessible resource for the legal and insurance communities as a dental expert witness. Dr. Daniels is familiar with dental malpractice standards. Being the best means constantly delivering outstanding quality, integrity, service, convenience and value.


Dental Expert Roy Daniels can evaluate dental malpractice cases regarding:Dental Expert Witness

  • Failure to diagnose and treatment plan properly
  • Failure to give adequate informed consent for dental treatment
  • Wisdom teeth removal injuries and complications by a general dentist
  • Inadequate or failed crowns
  • Inadequate or failed bridges
  • Unnecessary dental treatment
  • Complications from Root Canal Therapy by a general dentist
  • Dental Implant Failures by a general dentist
  • Complex Restorative Dental Treatment
  • Poor Dental Esthetics
  • Problems with Crowns
  • Dental Nerve Injury from Dental Implants and Extractions
  • Negligence: Extractions
  • AED in the dental office
  • Review of dental records for case merit
  • Define, review and determine compliance to Dental Standards of Care
  • Evaluate for Negligence
  • Testimony at trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings
  • Assess alleged causation, contributing factors and damages
  • Review, organize and summarize dental records
  • Identifying missing dental records or gaps in care
  • Evaluate for record tampering and inconsistencies
  • Research current dental literature with application to case analysis
  • Prepare chronologies of dental treatment to correlate with the allegations
  • Aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibitions for depositions and trial
  • Provide support in dental depositions including the preparation of questions and review of testimony
  • Deciphering complex dental/ medical terminology

Dr. Daniels can provide insurance adjusters with production of dental cost estimates for injuries following trauma, accident, motor vehicle dental injuries,  or act of dental malpractice. He can provide a dental expert written opinion.

If you are an attorney looking for a dental expert witness for your dental malpractice defense or plaintiff case you are invited to contact my office to discuss how I can be of service to your firm.  As a dental expert consultant I can be helpful in  reviewing dental malpractice case records, performing independent dental examinations and providing expert testimony regarding TMJ/TMD injuries, dental injuries and dental malpractice claims. To have a successful dental malpractice case, you must be able to prove three elements: 1) the dentist  departed from good and accepted dental practice: 2) that this departure caused your client to sustain an injury; and 3) that your client’s injury is permanent in nature.

For a dental expert records review in preparation of an affidavit, It is most helpful if the attorney will gather copies of the dental records, well organized in a binder and include diagnostic quality copies of dental x-rays in a digital format (on a disk, jump drive, or email).

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