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Dental Trauma Causation Dental Injury Causation Claims Review Program

Dental Trauma Causation | Dental Damage Causation

A dental trauma causation review program is offered by AZ Dental Expert Roy Daniels DDS. He  has experience in evaluating dental trauma claims arising from motor vehicle accidents, claims of a foreign object in restaurant food breaking a tooth and on the job injuries as well as dental expert services. False and exaggerated dental trauma claims are reviewed for insurance carriers and insurance adjusters. A dental trauma causation review program can provide an insurer with dental bill reviews, dental cost estimates, and dental record analysis services.  An independent dental expert review of records is available. And, if necessary, he is available to make depositions or appear as an expert witness in court.

Dental Trauma Causation Foreign Objects in Restaurant Food

One of the problems a claims adjuster may have is determining if a claim that a foreign object in restaurant food broke a tooth, but was actually due to pre-existing problems that the claimant had. A dental trauma causation ( dental injury causation, dental damage causation) claim review program can assist in the adjudication of the claim by reviewing the claim, the recommended treatment by the treating dentist, and a review of the claimant’s previous dental history. Often these claims are over $1500 and upon review it can be determined that the incident at the restaurant was not the major cause of the problem.

Dental Trauma Causation Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s), Slip and Fall Injuries  and Assault

Some claims for broken teeth from a slip and fall, motor-vehicle mishap or assault are false or inflated, because the condition in need of treatment was pre-existing. A dental trauma review of causation could save the insurance carrier substantially, by restricting payments only those charges which are truly the responsibility of the insurance carrier, and not for charges that are inflated, exaggerated or even fraudulent. Dr. Daniels can assist the adjuster on:

  • the plaintiffs’ complaint

  • the history of the injury including any pre-existing problems prior to the date of loss (DOL)

  • the past medical history

  • a review of all of the records including medical reports, police reports, Emergency Medical Services reports

  • mechanism of injury

  • Independent Medical Examination (IME) – Independent Dental Examination (DME) – to examine the patient, take photos, make models and take x-rays if appropriate


Dr. Daniels is available to review cases involving AHCCCS, Medicare and other oral health insurance issues.

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